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The main questions and answers about stoves and heating.

The construction of Romotop fireplace stoves and inserts guarantees sufficient primary and secondary combustion air intake into the chamber. The primary air used to start the fire is supplied directly to the burning fuel (usually via the ash tray and grate) and is used for the primary combustion reaction. Secondary air supports the combustion of residual flammable gases in flue gases, which increases the heat output and plays a crucial role in reducing the amount of pollutants that escape into the environment. Secondary air is mainly supplied to the space above the burning fuel. This makes the cold air roll against the inside of the front glass (glazing). At the same time, this process prevents the glass from blackening. When the primary air intake is partially or fully closed, secondary air is also used for primary combustion. Detailed instructions for starting a fire and heating are given in the operating manual.