Advice and tips

The main questions and answers about stoves and heating.

In order for your fireplace stove or insert to burn properly, sufficient air intake is required. The larger the furnace and the better the room insulation, the more external air intake you will need – from the outside, from the corridor, or perhaps from the cellar. Combustion is then completely independent of the air in the room where the heating unit is located. External air can also be supplied from the floor (bottom inlet) or from the back (rear inlet). All fireplace stoves and inserts are fitted with external air intake! When choosing a heating unit and its subsequent installation, you also need to let the sales assistant know if you have a fume hood or air conditioning unit in the same room, as this can create under-pressure in the room when all appliances are in operation, and this can negatively affect the operation of the fireplace stove or insert.