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BELO 3S 01 A steel - fireplace stove

order code: BELO 3S 01 A

Uniqueness of this stove is guaranteed by its elegant glazing of the front door and glazing of the sides that allows you to watch fire from three sides. The high appearance is given to the BELO 3S 01 A by special Romotop moulded bricks over the combustion chamber that extend radiation of heat for up to several hours after extinction of the stove.

  • possibility to connect the top or rear flue gas exhaust
  • ready for an external connection of the combustion air intake (EAI)
  • secondary air supply that ensures washing of the door glass preventing deposition of dirt
  • possibility to place a small supply of wood or ecological briquettes under the elevated furnace
  • accumulation parts for additional charge 

Accumulation External air intake

Technical parameters

Height 1571 mm
Width 533 mm
Depth 406 mm
Door height 880 mm
Door width 447 mm
Door depth 129 mm
Weight 176 kg
Regulated output 2,5-6,4 kW
Smoke flue diameter 150 mm
Flue socket diameter 150 mm
External air intake diameter 125 mm
Axis height of rear outlet 1073/1406 mm
Draught 12 Pa
Efficiency 80,5 %
Average wood consumption 1,4 kg/h