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OVALIS 02 A stone - fireplace stove

order code: OVALIS 02 A

“The sensitive fusion of all major dimensions of the fireplace stove has resulted in a unique design. The rounded and unique dimensions of the glass provide a large area for direct observation of the flames.”

•  possibility to install accumulation elements above the combustion chamber
•  high heat radiation capacity thanks to accumulation elements
•  long-lasting radiation of heat
•  suitable for low-energy houses
•  massive cast-iron grate at the bottom of the furnace
•  stainless steel handle with decorative ventilation elements
•  preheating of secondary air helps keep the glass clean
•  popular elliptical base
•  cleanly integrated door of wood storage area
•  comfortable air circulation control with just one lever
•  resistant chamotte lining of the furnace
•  three-point door closure ensures stove tightness even at a lower draft
•  ready for an external connection of the combustion air intake (EAI)
•  accumulation parts for additional charge

Low-energy buildings Accumulation External air intake

Technical parameters

Height 1390 mm
Width 628 mm
Depth 398 mm
Door height 678 mm
Door width 534 mm
Door depth 114 mm
Weight 175 kg
Regulated output 3,0-7,8 kW
Smoke flue diameter 150 mm
Flue socket diameter 150 mm
External air intake diameter 125 mm
Axis height of rear outlet 938/1183 mm
Draught 11 Pa
Efficiency 83,5 %
Average wood consumption 1,6 kg/h