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RIANO 03 W stone - fireplace stove with water exchanger

order code: RIANO 03W

Efficient fireplace stoves, with a large share of heat directed into the hot-water system, which will also find application in larger interiors. The horizontal design of the heating chamber gives the stove a modern design and allows the combustion of wood with lengths of up to 50 cm.

•  special patented construction of the hot water exchanger TRIPLE PASS
•  safety cooling loop
•  inspection and cleaning door for easy maintenance
•  chamotte lining of the heating chamber for high combustion efficiency
•  top made of sheet metal, ceramics or stone

Water exchanger Triple pass

Technical parameters

Height 1086 mm
Width 820 mm
Depth 463 mm
Door height 581 mm
Door width 730 mm
Weight 291 kg
Regulated output 6,7-17,4 kW
Regulated output of water exchanger 4,7-12,2 kW
Smoke flue diameter 150 mm
Flue socket diameter 150 mm
Draught 12 Pa
Efficiency 83,4 %
Average wood consumption 3,7 kg/h