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SORIA 01 ceramic - accumulation fireplace stove

Order code: SORIA 01

The dominant fireplace stove with exclusive sheeting is suitable also for the most demanding interiors. The large radius glass door intensifies the visual contact with clean burning flames.

Main features:
• nice look to flames through a big glass
• teflon fitting of all controls to prevent any unwanted noise
• smart handle with the possibility of blocking in the open position of the door
• preheating of the secondary air to reach an optimal combustion and a clean glass in different service conditions
• possibility to buy accumulation parts above the furnace to provide a long-term radiation of heat
• central air intake (CAI)
• resistant cast-iron bottom of the furnace with a rotary grate
• molded fire clay in the furnace with long-term service life
• choice of 30 glaze colors

Accumulation Central air intake

Technical parameters

Height 1551 mm
Width 517 mm
Depth 517 mm
Weight 223 kg
Regulated output 2,5-6,4 kW
Smoke flue diameter 150 mm
Central air intake diameter 120 mm
Axis height of rear outlet 1370 mm
Draught 12 Pa
Efficiency 80,5 %
Average wood consumption 1,4 kg/h