Romotop fireplace stove TALA 18 sheet metal with radius door | Romotop

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TALA 18 sheet metal, radius door - fireplace stove

A successful design series that will catch the eye of every visitor. The elegant light-weight bottom of the stove directs attention to the play of flames behind the rounded door. Air control and opening the stove have been sensitively integrated into the door. The upper decorative cover made of metal, ceramics or stone mirrors the shape of the stove foundation plate.

•  possibility to connect top or bottom venting
•  intake of secondary air, thanks to which the glass of the door is cleaned and therefore impurities do not settle on it
•  primary and secondary air control
•  radius door

Technical parameters

Height 1057 mm
Width 480 mm
Depth 433 mm
Weight 110 kg
Regulated output 4.0-11.0 kW
Smoke flue diameter 150 mm
Axis height of rear outlet 953 mm
Draught 10 Pa
Efficiency 80 %
Average wood consumption 2,6 kg/h