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There are many ways to build a fire and bring heat and comfort to your home. One of them is to have a woodburning stove, a tile stove or fireplace insert from a leading European manufacturer and supplier – the company Romotop, which has been applying its skills and knowledge in its production activities since 1992. Whether you are considering a cheap and effective form of heating or a beautiful and useful addition to your interior, you will find all the necessary information and reasons why to buy products with the Romotop brand on these pages. Join us in enjoying the benefits of fire – an essential part of human life…

Krbová kamna Romotop

Romotop stoves

Warmth, beauty, family comfort and, last but not least, financial savings are brought to you by Romotop stoves, which are important and ecological sources of heating because they burn only wood or wooden briquettes. The advantages of Romotop stoves are high heat output, virtually dust-free operation and, as a result of perfect combustion (efficiency up to 82%), minimal emission of substances harmful to the atmosphere.

Krbové vložky Romotop

Romotop fireplace inserts

The current constantly rising prices of energy and increasing demands on economy of operation for all domestic appliances are also reflected in the area of domestic heating using fireplaces. . . Sometime ago this fact lead us to the idea of developing a new generation of fireplace inserts where we could utilise our many years of experience in the development of combustion chambers for fireplace stoves.

ESQUINA - fireplace stove

ESQUINA - fireplace stove

Advices and tips

The glass gets dirty, black with smoke

The view of flickering fire and pleasant heat, it is the most beautiful delight brought by a prefabricated fireplace. Therefore, the fireplace needs to have clean glass all the time. What is most important is to prevent or at least minimize deposition of soot on the glass during heating. You can ensure this through the proper combustion temperature, dry wood (humidity 18-20%), sufficient supply of air and a suitable size of logs. The logs should be small, with the diameter of approx. 8-10 cm.


A frequent mistake is also “suffocation” of fire to extend the combustion time to avoid frequent adding of wood. However, this leads to deposition of soot not only on the glass, but also in the fireplace, flue and in the chimney.

You can remove soot from the glass by catching fine ashes on a wetted newspaper and using it to wipe soot off the glass. You can complete the cleaning by rubbing the glass with a wet paper napkin.

How often should the fireplace and chimney be cleaned?

If you use the fireplace for seasonal heating, you should have the chimney inspected by an expert at least twice a year in accordance with the ČSN 734201 standard.

You should also clean the fireplace thoroughly once a year to extend its service life. Remove all the fireclay elements from the combustion chamber according to simple instructions, vacuum-clean the fireplace and replace the elements.

If the fireplace gets excessively clogged (poor draught, wet wood, poor combustion), the fireplace needs cleaning more frequently.

How often should ashes be removed?

On the bottom of the combustion chamber leave 2-3 cm high ash layer. Ashes act as insulation of the grate, similarly to the fireclay elements at the fireplace sides. This enables you to increase the combustion temperature, which supports good combustion. Besides, ashes protect the grate from growing cinders. The ash pan must be regularly emptied so that the grate should not lie in hot ashes and get damaged.

Cracked fireclay lining

The fireclay lining of the combustion chamber protects the furnace jacket from high temperatures and at the same time supports complete burning of combustible gases. This fireclay lining gets damaged mechanically in most cases, which happens during adding of fuel. If the fireclay lining is only cracked, it need not be replaced immediately.

A crack itself does not have any impact on combustion or service life of the fireplace. The fireclay lining must not be crumbled away down to the sheet metal. If the fireclay lining is becoming disintegrated, replace the elements according to simple instructions included in the operation manual.

Fireclay elements are brittle and therefore they must be protected from dropping and impacts! When adding logs, do not sharply hit the fireclay lining as you might damage it.

After opening the door smoke escapes into the room

Do not open the door before wood turns into cinders!
If you need to open the fireplace earlier, proceed carefully. First, open the door a bit to equalize the pressures and approx. after 10 seconds open the door for the necessary period. Another reason may be poor chimney draught. In such a case contact a chimney sweeper.

All advices and tips




… new 3D animations of fireplace stoves have been created for you. You can see individual models of fireplace stoves from all angles and different colours of ceramics and soapstone.

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