STROMBOLI N fireplace stoves

STROMBOLI N Fireplace stoves

The large combustion chamber on its elegant pedestal and rotating mechanism of the STROMBOLI N fireplace stove offer you the opportunity to enjoy its radiating heat anywhere in the room.

This fireplace stove is the perfect fit for modern interiors in particular. An EAI (External Air Intake) system is included. The standard version includes an upper flue gas exhaust. Thanks to the secondary air intake, the door glass is air-washed to prevent the cumulation of soot. The combustion chamber is lined with chamotte brick tiles. The primary and secondary air intakes are regulated by a single control element. The rotating combustion chamber allows you to view the flames from multiple angles.



STROMBOLI N 02 - Ceramic
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  • Technical parameters
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Technical parameters
  • Height 1074 mm
  • Width 672 mm
  • Depth 478 mm
  • Weight 175 kg
  • Regulated output 3,0-7,8 kW
  • Smoke flue diameter 150 mm
  • Flue socket diameter 150 mm
  • External air intake diameter 125 mm
  • Draught 12 Pa
  • Efficiency 80,1 %
  • Average wood consumption 1,7 kg/h
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