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Wood burning stoves have their own place of honour in the interior design. We like to be one step ahead, which is why we have started to develop our designer range that will bring you something extra. Our ROMOTOP design fireplaces address the customers with their balanced proportions, clean lines, emphasis on geometry and eye-catching glazing. Modern look of the fireplace has been achieved by cladding, made in large black lacquered metal, however, the customer can opt for minimalist grey stone cladding or glazed ceramic tiles in various colours. Stove control is extremely easy: both air intake lines are controlled using one control element. Secondary air intake, among other things, will provide for cleaning the door glass, thus avoiding dirt deposits, so you don´t need to spend much time for regular maintenance of your unit. Design fireplaces will provide for warmth of your home for many years, so make sure you are happy with all aspects of your choice.

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