About the company

ROMOTOP is one of the European leading producers of fireplace stoves, design fireplaces and fireplace inserts

At present more than one million households around the world enjoy ROMOTOP products, each of which leaves our production plant with the personal commitment of all our 700 employees. Thanks to our modern manufacturing facilities, committed employees and our drive for innovation; ROMOTOP is recognised as one Europe’s leading brands. Our modern 32,000 m2 manufacturing facility, supported by 25,000 m2 of warehouses space and our own road haulage provision represents a significant investment in the company.

ROMOTOP fireplace stoves and fireplace inserts offer leading design, high-quality technical manufacturing and innovative solutions for efficient wood-burning. Our products cater to the needs of both standard and low-energy houses. Heat energy can be stored in accumulation tiles or distributed all around the house using hot-water exchangers with a central heating system. Visually customers can select from a range of design options including ceramic or stone cladding and different window configurations.


ROMOTOP is an innovator

ROMOTOP is an innovator in the area of design, development and combustion quality.

The performance and appearance of fireplace stoves and fireplace inserts are on the rise. ROMOTOP not only meets customers’ demands but exceed industry constraints to produce aesthetically unique products that are also highly efficient and environmentally friendly. Our products play an increasingly important role as sources of heat in modern households. Driven by our innovation team, we consistently improve the efficiency and cleanliness of our fireplace stoves.

Efficiency and low environmental impact are a cornerstone of our company ethos and operating policy. Our innovation and design teams have redesigned combustion chambers, flue gas ways and the management of the combustion process; to provide controllable and stable heat generation. ROMOTOP also holds a patent for our TRIPLE PASS system in the hot water exchanger, providing higher transfer of heat to the heating system for more efficient, economical and environmentally friendly operation.


Complex professional consulting and service

As a leader in complex engineering, providing class leading heating solutions, including hot air, radiant or hot water; we can offer bespoke consultation and technical services.

We also support our dealers throughout Europe with advice and support to ensure the end user is fully supported.

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