SOLID tiled accumulation fireplaces

SOLID Tiled accumulation fireplaces

Radiation heating well balanced with warm air flow: It was the goal of SOLID fireplaces´ designers that has been reached in its entirety. This product feature pure lines, precise workmanship and large-format hand-made ceramic tiles.

The heating process of SOLID tiled fireplaces is based on heat radiation and warm air flowing, both modes work simultaneously. In the lower part of the unit, cold air enters into the fireplace, flows through the unit to its upper section, from where warm air gradually flows into the room. The system has been designed, primarily, for heating by radiation, warm air flowing (or convection) being a pleasant complement. Both heating modes operate automatically.
The innovative fireplace insert achieves an efficiency of more than 85% and meets the ecological standards of the European Commission's Ecodesign Directive. The double glass makes the fireplace safer and more comfortable. SOLID tiled fireplaces are also suitable for low-energy houses.
Ceramic tiling is on all four sides. Three tiled fireplace types are available: with flat hearth or hearth in the right/left corner. The combustion chamber is cladded with fireclay fittings. Standard model is with grate, but it can be easily modified to a model without the grate. Innovative exhaust gas management system DOUBLE SPIN increases overall stove efficiency. Standard flue gas outlet is on the top or in the back. Secondary air supply onto the inner side of the door is an efficient solution to avoid dirt deposits, hence, you will not be distracted from viewing into the flames. Primary and secondary air intake is easily controlled by one control element.
SOLID design fireplaces can be equipped with accumulation fittings made of patented MAMMOTH material, which has a high specific heat capacity with highly efficient heat energy transfer and subsequent heat transfer back into the room, up to several hours after the fuel burns out. The total weight of the accumulation fitting sets can be up to 152 kg.
Sufficient air for an optimum combustion process will be provided by the EAI system (external air intake from the exterior). In models with rear flue gas exhaust (SOLXDHFZK 10, SOLXDHLZK 10 a SOLXDHRZK 10), the EAI system can be connected from below (‟from the floor‟) using optional AIRBOX 02 system element.



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