We are sorry, but this model has been sold out and cancelled from our product range.

Combustion aesthetics
• completely reworked combustion air distribution
DOUBLE SPIN flue gas system

New system for door suspension at the center of gravity
• minimization of mechanical stress on door frame and running gear

ROMOTOP convection flaps
dissipation of excessive heat from the space above door
• significantly longer service life of running gear
• keeping the convection tightness
flaps are shut even in case of slight door opening

Heavy duty professional ball running gear
• precision door guide, correctly fitted door, tightness of combustion chamber
• distribution of mechanical stress to numerous roller elements, long service life
• location of running gear on the outside of the fireplace insert

Torsionally reinforced door frame
prevents frame deformation leading to possible cracks in glass

Innovative glass attachment

away from edges capable of initiating cracks

Combustion quality
• precise door guide in ball running gear
DOUBLE SPIN flue gas system
• door with smooth close finish
• extra combustion air

• more ergonomic door opening
• ROMOTOP convection flaps
• new 200 mm spigot ensures both, standard direct installing with pipes and direct installing of ROMOTOP MAMMOTH rings right on the insert


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Technical parameters
  • [RS: Výška] 1430 [RS: mm]
  • [RS: Šířka] 743 [RS: mm]
  • [RS: Hloubka] 605 [RS: mm]
  • [RS: Výška dvířek] 477 [RS: mm]
  • [RS: Šířka dvířek] 620 [RS: mm]
  • [RS: Hloubka dvířek] 400 [RS: mm]
  • [RS: Hmotnost] 260 [RS: kg]
  • [RS: Regulovatelný výkon] 3,5-9,0 [RS: kW]
  • [RS: Průměr kouřovodu] 180-250 [RS: mm]
  • [RS: Průměr kouřového hrdla] 200 [RS: mm]
  • [RS: Průměr centr. přív. vzduchu (CPV)] 150 [RS: mm]
  • [RS: Provozní tah] 12 [RS: Pa]
  • [RS: Účinnost] 84,8 %
  • [RS: Průměrná spotřeba dřeva] 1,9 [RS: kg/h]
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