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Tiled accumulation fireplaces HARMONY are compact and elegant heating units, completely cladded with ceramic tiles, which are ideal for efficient accumulation and radiation of heat. The design reflects combined type of heating, i.e. pleasant heat energy radiation and heat convection, that is heating by airflow. Both heating modes operate at the same time: In each phase of heating, one of them prevails.

Besides, model HARMONY A has accumulation exchanger, through which flue gas goes prior to enter into the chimney. Heat energy accumulated in this exchanger will then be returned back into the interior for several hours. HARMONY fireplaces are available with plane or corner hearth. Type HARMONY FN differs from other units of the F range in using structured tiles on the front side. The combustion chamber is cladded with fireclay fittings.  Standard model is without grate, but it can be easily modified to a model with the grate. Innovative exhaust gas management system DOUBLE SPIN (in HARMONY F and FN) improves overall heat efficiency of the unit.  Standard flue gas outlet is on the top or in the back. Secondary air supply onto the inner side of the door is an efficient solution to avoid dirt deposits; you will not be distracted from viewing into the flames. Primary and secondary air intake is easily controlled by a one control element. Sufficient air for an optimum combustion process will be provided by the EAI system (external air intake from the exterior). For connection of the EAI system from below (‟from the floor‟), optional AIRBOX 01 element must be used for „Z“ models (HAR F Z, HAR F A Z, HAR FN Z, HAR FN A Z, HAR L Z, HAR L A Z, HAR R Z, HAR R A Z). With the HARMONY F and HARMONY FN tiled fireplaces, the direction of the door opening can be changed.

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