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LUGANO 01 ceramic - fireplace stove

order code: LUGANO 01

The oval shape of the LUGANO fireplace stove gives the interior a cozy feeling. It includes nice details, such as a sill above the furnace or the door handle whose technical design lends the fireplace stove an elegant look. Ceramic is a natural material. That is why it radiates heat into the room long after the fire has burned out.

suitable for low-energy houses
• design printed glazing
• contemporary air-cooled handle ensures perfect handling while loading
• door catch available when the door is fully open
• self-closing door spring
• possibility to connect an upper or rear flue gas exhaust
• ready for an external connection of the combustion air intake (EAI)
• preheating of the secondary air to keep the glass clean
• regulation of primary and secondary air intake by a single control element
• closable wood storage for a smaller amount of wood
• select from 30 ceramic color options

Low-energy buildings External air intake

Technical parameters

Height 1224 mm
Width 550 mm
Depth 438 mm
Weight 146 kg
Regulated output 3,0-7,8 kW
Smoke flue diameter 150 mm
Flue socket diameter 150 mm
External air intake diameter 125 mm
Axis height of rear outlet 922 mm
Draught 12 Pa
Efficiency 81,9 %
Average wood consumption 1,7 kg/h