ESPERA Fireplace stoves with water exchanger and double glazing

The innovative hot-water exchanger solution together with a double-glazed door significantly increases the overall efficiency and value of the ESPERA fireplace stove.

This hot-water fireplace stove is suitable for low-energy homes thanks to its double-glazed door. The highly efficient hot-water exchanger with a volume of 28l can transfer 70% of the heat into the water and 30% into the air. The innovative DOUBLE SPIN flue gas system increases the stove’s efficiency. The stove includes an EAI (External Air Intake) system. The standard version includes an upper flue gas exhaust. Thanks to the secondary air intake, the door glass is air-washed to prevent the accumulation of soot. The combustion chamber is lined with chamotte brick tiles. The primary and secondary air intakes are regulated by a single control element. The lower part of the stove includes a storage area with a door for storing a small amount of wood or tools. The stove is equipped with a cooling loop and a capillary air intake flap for protection against the exchanger overheating.



ESPERA 01 - Ceramic
  • order code: ESPERA 01
  • Technical parameters
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Technical parameters
  • Height 1080 mm
  • Width 540 mm
  • Depth 518 mm
  • Weight 220 kg
  • Regulated output 5,0-13,0 kW
  • Regulated output of water exchanger 3,5-9,1 kW
  • Smoke flue diameter 150 mm
  • Flue socket diameter 150 mm
  • External air intake diameter 125 mm
  • Draught 12 Pa
  • Efficiency 80,1 %
  • Average wood consumption 2,9 kg/h
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