Advice and tips

The main questions and answers about stoves and heating.

All Romotop fireplace stoves and inserts are equipped with a glass cleaning system using secondary air, which helps keep the glass clean during heating. In addition to using suitable fuel and ensuring sufficient air intake and chimney draft, the operation of the fireplace stove or insert also affects the cleanliness of the glass. In this regard, we recommend stoking one layer of fuel only and spreading it out evenly around the furnace, as far from the glass as possible. If the glass becomes dirty during heating, we recommend increasing the burning intensity by opening the air regulator, which usually means the glass clears by itself.

A small amount of soot may remain on the glass. There’s no need to despair, if the glass in the door is smoky, you can simply use a wet cloth dipped in cold ash (the ash must not contain any impurities such as small stones, etc.) to mechanically wipe the glass. Once the glass is more or less clean, use some old newspaper, a kitchen paper towel or tissue to finish the job. This simple method will give excellent results. Of course, all work must only be carried out when the fireplace stove or insert is completely cold.

Naturally, liquid cleaning agents are also often used to clean glass in fireplace stoves and inserts. However, in many cases, regardless of the composition of the cleaning agent and its affect on the residue of combustion (particles of ash, etc.), these products can permanently damage various parts of the fireplace stove or insert – such as seals, the decorative color of the glass, the glass itself, etc.

Due to the above, Romotop does not recommend the use of any chemical cleaning agents on its products and is not responsible for any damage caused by the use of such chemical agents.