Advice and tips

The main questions and answers about stoves and heating.

The basic rule is to always remove cold ash from the grate of the combustion chamber.

We recommend emptying the ash tray when it is half full, to prevent the ash pile from coming too close to the grate and damaging it due to overheating. At the same time, ash can limit the inflow of air required for combustion. It is best to empty the ash tray when it is completely cool, ideally during preparation for a new heating cycle. Cleaning an ash tray or heating units without an ash tray can also be done by using a vacuum cleaner intended for vacuuming ash, with a filter for finer dirt particles.

And what do I do with the ash itself? Wood ash contains minerals, and so it can be placed in a compost bin or used as a fertilizer in your garden. This only applies to wood ash from wood that was not chemically treated.

Before emptying the ash tray, check that it does not contain hot residual fuel which could cause a fire in the waste bin. Some types of fireplace stoves or inserts have an ash tray located in a basin below the grate, without the option of side removal. In this case, the ash tray can only be removed when the heating unit is not used and cold. Access to the ash tray is possible after lifting the grate.