HEAT fireplace inserts TUNNEL

HEAT Fireplace inserts tunnel

Connecting two areas was never so simple and elegant thanks to the HEAT tunnel fireplace inserts. Enjoy living flames that create a perfect atmosphere in different parts of your home.

HEAT fireplace inserts have large-format printed glazing that allows you to experience the fire in a unique way. Thanks to their tunnel design, wood can be added from both sides. The easy, silent and precise operation of the lifting door is guaranteed by the state-of-the-art SILENT LIFT system. The combustion chamber is lined with chamotte bricks (HT3Z 01) or heat-resistant bricks named IGNITON (HT3LF 04) and is designed with no furnace grate. However the insert can be fitted with a grate at the customer’s request. HEAT fireplace inserts are intended for convection operation. The innovative DOUBLE SPIN flue gas system increases efficiency and reduces the environmental impact of the fireplace insert. Secondary air intake washes over the glass in the door to prevent the cumulation of deposits. Primary and secondary air intake is regulated by a single control element. An EAI (external air intake) system is included. Side and top MAMMOTH accumulation sets can be purchased separately for fireplace inserts, which can extend the period of heat radiation by more than 12 hours.

HEAT T 3g 70.50.01

HEAT fireplace inserts TUNNEL | HEAT T 3g 70.50.01

HEAT T 3G L 88.50.04

HEAT fireplace inserts TUNNEL | HEAT T 3G L 88.50.04

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